167041_751596537961_2833292_nHi!  I’m Kirsty.  From the UK originally, London more recently and currently residing in the tropical paradise that is Singapore, I’m an accountant by trade but cooking is my real passion.  I also love to take photos.   So what better way to combine those passions than by starting my own blog?

The Perky Pancake was born more than 3 years ago now back in 2013 so it’s gradually gathering more and more content and followers, which is hugely exciting!  

It’s my creative outlet in life – there’s only so creative you can get with a spreadsheet after all!  It’s also a great way to share delicious recipes with friends and family.

And boy do I have a lot of recipes.  I’m a complete cookbook addict and love to tear delicious-looking recipes from magazines and newspapers.  There are just never enough meals in the day to cook them all!  Unsurprisingly this means I’m constantly thinking and/or talking about food, including discussing what’s on the menu for supper whilst eating lunch.  Yes, the phrase “oink oink” does spring to mind!

Everything I know about cooking and photography is pretty much self-taught other than the cooking gems passed on to me by my mother.  How is it though, that even when you have the exact recipe, food never tastes as good as when your mum makes it for you?

In terms of my cooking style, I will give anything a go so the posts on the site are pretty eclectic.  Ask me what my favourite food is and the answer will change on a monthly if not weekly basis.  Though with a blog called the Perky Pancake, it’s won’t be a surprise to hear pancakes are definitely are up there at the top.

Given that I work full time and also have a baby boy in my life these days, speedy and relatively healthy meals are the order of the day during the week.  The weekends are reserved for more exciting experiments and baking bonanzas.  

Anyway, enough of this waffle (or should I say “pancake”?!).  I hope you’ll join me on my cooking adventures and perhaps enjoy trying a couple of the delicious recipes that I couldn’t resist sharing with you.

Happy reading!

American Pancakes

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  1. Hi Kirsty, I am so glad you stopped into my blog and led me back to yours! You have some very good recipes and I’m looking forward to reading more and even making a few too. I definitely keep checking in and thank you for the follow! Love your photographs.


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