Perfect Iced Coffee

DSC_0152I seem to have become that person that can’t start her day without a coffee.  I always swore NEVER to be that person, but over the last few months my ad hoc coffees have become something of a routine.  

I blame the fact that nothing other than coffee shops opens pre 10am in Singapore.  This is not a great result when your toddler wakes up at least 4 hours earlier.  Coffee is the answer in so many ways.

DSC_0141But as a member of our family who no longer brings in any revenue and finds spending my husband’s money increasingly easy, I decided that enough was enough.  $5+ a day on coffee (Singapore dollars, not US but still…) is not the most productive use of our cash…even if I do love it so.


The solution?  Home made iced cold-brew coffee!  I have successfully transferred my habit from enjoying a hot flat white to slurping an icy coffee.  And despite the volumes I seem to suck up these days it still works out cheaper than $5 a go.  Hurrah!

Here’s how I make it if you’re up for a but of economising or simply just enjoying some delicious iced coffee at home.

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Perfect Iced Coffee

Makes 800ml coffee in a 8 cup cafetière – 3 or 4 servings depending how large you like your coffee to be

60g  ground coffee
800ml cold water

To make:

Scoop the coffee into your 8 cup cafetière and pour in the water.  Mix with a spoon and pop on the lid without depressing the plunger.  Pop into the fridge overnight or for at least 10 hours to allow to infuse.

The next morning, plunge the coffee and enjoy in an ice-cube filled glass, with or without milk.

PS if you don’t have an 8 cup cafetière, you can adjust the above quantities – 7g coffee per cup (plus a little extra if you like it strong) and 100ml water per cup.


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