Banana Pancake

Banana Pancake

After a slightly stop start 11 months following my move to Singapore, the Perky Pancake has staggered its way to turning 2!  We have made it through yet another year!  Hurrah!  And what a great year it has been.  I’ve been lucky enough to experience so many new adventures, tastes, countries, and customs since moving East in August last year (often to the detriment of the Perky Pancake I’m afraid) and can now happily say I think of Singapore as home.

So on that basis I should probably be positing a Singapore-inspired recipe to celebrate the PP’s 2nd Birthday.  But no.  Instead I’m sticking with the tradition I started last year by posting, what else, a pancake recipe!

Banana Pancake

The recipe is inspired by the trip we took to Krabi in Thailand last year so does at least have Asian links.  We ate the most divine food every day thanks to the restaurant attached to the place we were staying.  I previously posted about their amazing prawn cakes but they also did a mean breakfast.

One of the items on the menu was a banana pancake served with honey.  Now, when the word “pancake” appeared in the singular, I’m not going to lie that I was prepared to be disappointed…and hungry.  One pancake for breakfast?  Perhaps that’s why the Thai people are all so beautiful and slim, I thought to myself.  But all fears were unfounded when what actually arrived at the table was the most enormous pancake you could ever hope for.  Perfectly cooked and fluffy, it had a whole banana halved and cooked into the batter so it was slightly caramelised on the bottom.  Add a good dollop of honey or maple syrup to that and you had one great breakfast on your hands.

Banana Pancake

I’ve wanted to recreate this ever since but always had the excuse that my frying pan was too big to create a one-person sized giant pancake.  Excuses excuses. But purchase of a delightful new toy frying pan has put pay to that excuse and the run up to the PP’s birthday has provided the perfect reason to get cooking.  So here you have it – a giant birthday banana pancake!

Banana Pancake

This time last year:  Sourdough Pancakes

Banana Pancake

Makes 2

1 batch of American Pancake batter
2 bananas, peeled and halved lengthways
A drizzle of oil
Honey or maple syrup to serve

To make:

1.  Heat a small frying pan over a medium heat and drizzle a very small amount of oil into the pan.  Move it around until the pan is well-covered.

2.  Once the pan is hot, add half of the pancake batter, moving the pan around so the batter reaches the pan edges.  Push 2 halves of banana into the batter.

3.  Leave the pancake to cook on one side until bubbles form and pop on the surface (as in the third picture above).  Once this happens, use a spatula to help you and flip the pancake over.

4.  Cook for a further 2-3 minutes on the other side, until the base is golden and you can smell the banana caramelising slightly.  Repeat the process with the remaining batter and banana.  Serve immediately with honey or maple syrup.

In advance:

You can make the batter without the baking powder the day/night before and leave it in the fridge then add the baking powder just before you’re ready to cook.  Unfortunately like all pancakes, they are only good fresh out of the pan so try to eat these as they’re ready.



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