Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake

I made a very exciting trip down to visit one of my oldest and best friend’s last weekend to meet her new little girl, Ellie. She is just gorgeous! Though as someone not very experienced in the world of babies, slightly terrifying too with her floppy neck and generally incredibly tiny and fragile frame!

Pressies for Ellie were all sorted out, but I wanted to make something for her parents. Whilst I’m sure they would have preferred being given a good 10 hours’ sleep, I thought cake might cheer them up and provide a much needed treat. Plus it was a great excuse for me to play with decorations!

Chocolate cake

The recipe I used for the cake was Mary Berry’s Very Best Chocolate and Orange Cake though as I was looking for a pure chocolate cake, I left out the orange this time round.

I really can’t sing this cake’s praises enough. First, you add all the ingredients at once in one bowl meaning limited washing up. Second, it’s super speedy. Third, it’s one of the lightest and fluffiest cakes I’ve ever eaten, making second helpings almost mandatory.

Chocolate cake

Whilst the icing recipe that comes with the cake looks yummy, I wanted to finish the cake with fondant so needed a buttercream to provide a sturdier base. I used BBC Good Food‘s recipe for chocolate buttercream, doubling the quantities to provide enough to cover the top, middle and sides.

When it came to finishing the cake, I used ready to roll fondant icing as I wanted a blank canvas to decorate the top with some baby footprints (made using dyed pink fondant), Ellie’s name (using Dr Oetker writing icing), and some pink dots round the side (again, dyed pink fondant).

Chocolate cake

Ok, so I probably went a little OTT but I had great fun in the process! So much so that I failed to take any pictures of the underlying cake, only the finished result…you’ll just have to trust me that it was delicious.

So in conclusion, if you’re looking for a fail-safe, light and fluffy chocolate cake, Mary Berry is definitely your lady. Enjoy!

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    • Thanks tworedbowls! I’m not going to lie, it was pretty nerve-wracking as I’m not too experienced in the world of icing script! Glad it turned out well though and I managed to spell her name correctly!!


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